Educate your Employees

With more threats than ever before, it's important to educate your employees on Phishing Scams, Password Strength, BYOD Security Policies, Downloading Unauthorized Software & Social Media Policy.

  1. Phishing Scams

    Employees should be trained to scrutinize emails to determine whether they are legitimate.

    Do they; Come from someone they know? Come from someone they have received mail from before?

  2.  No Weak Passwords

    Passwords should not be easily guessed. “123456” is still the world’s most common password, even outranking “password.”

    Create at least an 8-character password with characters, numbers, uppercase.

    Don’t reuse the same password.

  3. Ensure you have and explain BYOD Security Policies

    Which employees are eligible for access?

    Should you require data as well as app or device restriction?

  4. No downloading of unauthorized software

    Many system threats are disguised as programs that are free to download on the web.

  5. Social Media Policy

    It seems like common sense, however it is startling how often it happens. Ensure your staff know where to draw the line in what they share socially.

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